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The Effective Manager: How To Be The Supervisor Your Employees Need

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Do you really know what it is that your employees need from you as their manager? You'd be surprised to know that their #1 need isn't always money.

Take an introspective look at yourself as a manager and ask yourself: How would your employees describe you as a manager? How do you think that description would compare to the way your team members would describe their ideal supervisor?

Learning Objectives:

The key to being an effective supervisor is providing your employees with what they need in order to perform at peak capacity.

If you want to lead your team to peak performance, you have to know what it is that truly motivates employees to excel. If you want to find out what traits employees value in their leaders and learn how to become the type of manager who inspires workers to fulfill their potential, this informative session is for you.

By attending this 90-minute audio conference, you will learn:

  • What employees need from their supervisors
  • Traits employees value in managers
  • Why it's important for supervisors to be proactive in meeting employee needs
  • Practical tips to improve employee perceptions of your management skills

About Your Speaker

Mary G. White, M.A., SPHR, is co-founder and managing director of MTI Business Solutions, where she oversees the organization’s corporate training and Human Resources consulting functions.

White specializes in soft skill employee development classes, and has extensive experience facilitating training in the areas related to Human Resources, communication, customer service, management, leadership, and public relations. She teaches a variety of seminars, corporate training courses, PHR-SPHR certification prep courses, and is a frequent speaker at association meetings and conferences.

Her professional background includes extensive experience in training, operations management, Human Resources management, advertising, and public relations.

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